Press and Peer Reviews

“Tim Rudman is rightly acknowledged as one of the United Kingdom’s very finest landscape photographers working today, with an enviable and growing body of work. Tim’s work is always originated on film but made unique and easily identifiable by his supreme gift as one of the leading photographic printers of his generation. His skills, and ability to enhance almost any image is widely shared amongst all who enjoy photography at whatever level by his many publications and shows a profound and encyclopaedic knowledge of his craft. ‘Iceland’ is quite simply a ‘tour de force’ of the photographer and printer’s skill.”

Simon Galley / Steven Brierley
Directors; Ilford Photo, Harman Technology Ltd.

“One of the most influential landscape photography books in recent years”

“Every one of the 98 images is carefully selected and honed to perfection in the darkroom … The fact that Tim Rudman is both a photographer and a printer has in my opinion an impact on the quality of those images that is impossible to overlook …  ‘Iceland. An Uneasy Calm’ is a portrait of a broody, eerie, often dramatic landscape full of exciting diversity. Thanks to Tim’s mastery and photographic honesty we too can experience this reality” (Read the full review here)

Derek Michalski, Editor LEMAG PRO Magazine


This is the handcraft of printing silver gelatine photographs at its best  – the images must be seen 1st hand to appreciate the depth and sheer beauty Tim has captured.

Gold Street Studios and Gallery. Australia.

“Tim Rudman has created the collector’s dream”.
“Majestic images that draw the viewer into the harsh reality of nature at its most rugged. Tim has concentrated on the experience of the landscape genre using classic film and darkroom techniques to awe the viewer of a timeless and primordial force of nature.”

Silvershotz contemporary photography magazine.

“Tim Rudman’s Amazing Iceland Book”

“Tim Rudman will be a familiar name for darkroom workers and, in many ways, his style of work has been a huge influence on modern digital ‘filters’ and aesthetics, too. >> It’s interesting to observe where digital photography has gone, producing ready-made ‘filters’ that mimic the techniques mastered by Tim and a handful of other darkroom exponents. Yet despite the obvious attraction of digital, there’s something special about a hand-made darkroom print, especially at the hands of one of the world’s leading exponents”.

“The photographs are sensational”

“Apart from the amazing subject matter and the sublime composition, there are a number of aspects to Tim’s work that really appeal to me…”  See full review

Better Photography. Australia

“His toning methods create a wonderful range of hues from cool blacks to warm mid tones and often with a pink transition to the highlights”
“The good news is that the package is quite beautiful!”
‘Tim has done an excellent job in producing a very different book on Iceland and one I can heartily recommend’.

On Landscape. UK


“Still on top of his game”

Looking Glass

“His vision and his interpretation speak of it (Iceland) with authority and integrity”

Black+White Photography

“These photographs have character. They have structure. They have texture. They convey mood and atmosphere in a way that some of the more perfect and sterile digital images can struggle to do.
We need to remember the roots of our photography. These lovingly produced photographs celebrate traditional hand printing and toning techniques. Take a look. See the magic”.

Landscape Photography Magazine

“These images go far beyond the common and strike deep at the viewers’ core, resonating with power and beauty.
The photographs will take you to many places beyond simple fences, rocks, clouds and shorelines and undoubtedly to places within.”

Bill Schwab. Photographic artist. USA.

“Some of the most fascinating images of Iceland ever published. Congratulations!”

Clive Waring-Flood. Editor, Silvershotz Contemporary Photography.

Exhibition reviews.

“Meyer gallery considers this collection so important, it has given the whole two floors of the gallery to this exhibition”

Meyer Gallery

“This is stronger work than seen before…full of passion and immensely dynamic. I believe time will prove Tim Rudman will confirm his place as one of the world’s important photographers. This exhibition is up there with the world’s best”.

Bob Kersey, Photographer & Platinum printer review of the ‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ exhibition, Sydney, Australia

‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ is a series of photographs taken in Iceland over the last eight years by Tim Rudman who is acknowledged as one of the very finest landscape photographers working today.

The photographs in the exhibition are printed in black and white and are split toned, giving the images an enhanced depth. Tim Rudman is regarded as a master printer and his skills in the darkroom, coupled with his skills behind the camera, create images with a heightened sense and unexpected depths.

National Trust. UK. Fox Talbot Museum Gallery

“Stunning collection”

Royal Photographic Society

“Tim is a superb landscape photographer and he has really captured the essence of Iceland in this collection of silver gelatine prints”

Iceland Traveller.

“Rudman’s stunning pictures capture the magical wilderness of the country, and the exhibition take you on a journey through eerie landscapes, brooding skies and spectacular mountaintops”

Muddy Guide