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Iceland, An Uneasy Calm
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 by Chris Dei
Iceland, An Uneasy Calm
City & Country: New York, USA

For the last 3 weeks, every attempt to write the first sentence of this paragraph about Tim Rudman's "Iceland, an Uneasy Calm", or to describe the accompanying print in the Collector's Edition, has failed. I have lost count of how many times I started and stopped and walked away in frustration, leaving it for some other day when my mind would be still enough to articulate the reality of what lay before me. I finally realized that the only thing that approaches a description of the depth of this masterwork, is silence.

Absorbing Tim Rudman's work is not unlike listening to a Bach fugue - a transcendental experience of profound proportions; a Zen koan in visual form - work so pure that time stops and one is left simply absorbed in illumination.

These are not photographs in the sense that we understand them, they are like ancient texts where any attempt to describe the subject at hand, ends in Zero. All sense of identification is lost and one becomes That.

But these are all just words. For a masterpiece of this magnitude, there is only the experience itself. And then, silence.

 by Tim Layton
5 Stars for Iceland, An Uneasy Calm
City & Country: USA

I have been following and reading Tim Rudman's books and photography for decades. As a long time darkroom practitioner myself, I know the level of effort, skill, knowledge, and craftsmanship that goes into a project of this scale. When the package arrived, I felt a sense of joy because I knew the book and my new artist original silver gelatin print was going to be good. I closed my eyes and I slowly opened the box and laid the front cover of the book to the left so the print would be in position, to view. I slowly opened my eyes and the first words out of my mouth were "wow". Then I repeated that a few more times as I soaked in the beauty of the landscape and I deeply appreciated the craftsmanship that went into making this darkroom print. I then sat in good window light and began to turn each page of the book and enjoy each of Tim's incredible images of Iceland. Over the next 30 minutes, I soaked in the ethereal beauty of the landscape and Tim's masterful rendering of such a unique and beautiful place. I am happy that I got to see it through his eyes. I will say it again... WOW!

 by David Batterbury
Iceland, An Uneasy Calm.
City & Country: United Kingdom

The moment I removed the book from the packaging I knew that I had something special before me.
An oustanding, quality, publication of magnificent photographs.
I cannot improve on the reviews by Marianne McCoy and Fred Hunt. Except to say that, if you can, go for the Limited Edition!

 by Marianne McCoy
Iceland-An Uneasy Calm
City & Country: Seattle, WA

Tim's book is amazing! The images are exquisite, the scanning, cover, pre-press, quality of the paper, superb printing, design and the way it flows are all fantastic. Congratulations Tim. I'm sure a dream come true. A must purchase to add to your special collection of precious Fine Art Books.

 by Fred Hunt
Exquisite, Entrancing!
City & Country: Australia

I received my copy of "Iceland, an Uneasy Calm" just a few days ago. What an exquisite and entrancing book it is!

The volume physically is a work of art, lovely to hold, with sumptuous cloth binding and tactile matt dust jacket. And the book is beautifully printed, with fine tonal gradations. There is delicate rendering of the subtle selenium and thiourea treatment, qualities which are such an expressive feature of Tim Rudman's prints in this book. I have a gelatine silver print of "Iceland trees" (p 37), and the book reproduction of this high key image is a very close match indeed.

The images in this book are truly superb, a tribute to Rudman's superlative vision, style, perfectionism and mastery of contemporary traditional monochrome photography. At times one sees in his wonderful images fleeting glimpses of other great traditional monochrome photographers, but the works are very much his own. Truly he does see further "by standing on the shoulders of giants."
The images are often so breathtakingly beautiful; I always admire and sometimes envy his

Apart from the beauty and technical artistry there is much in this book that made me pause and
consider, as Tim invites us to do, "what else it is" ......solitude, contradictions, impermanence, fortitude, insignificance, and, I could go one, but invite you to make this journey yourself.

For me, this is easily the best photographic book of 2015 - a delight to own, and a wonderful gift.

 by John Sheets
Buy This Book
City & Country: San Francisco CA, USA

Purchased the Limited Edition book, as the silver gelatin prints offered are amazing. It is every bit as beautiful as appears on the website. And of course a Tim Rudman silver gelatin print is a unique thing of beauty; if you’ve never seen one, I highly encourage you to avail yourself of any opportunity to do so. While each of the 98 plates in the book is a masterful reproduction of the original print, nothing compares to an original. The beautifully bound book and print are contained in a very elegant silk covered presentation box. Gorgeous!

The book includes descriptions of Rudman’s experiences in Iceland, illuminating why he has a deep attachment to this island anchored in the North Atlantic. Since 2007 he has spent many months there in every season exploring and photographing areas of the island that few photographers ever even visit. The book reflects his deep affinity with the land and its people – both the known and the magical – and all this is captured in the beautiful images contained therein.

Rudman’s exquisite eye for composition, detail, and emotion is such that his photographs don’t just capture the scene – they create a mood. All the more impressive is that his entire body of work is done without any digital trickery or artifice – he hand processes his film, then prints each image in the darkroom, making any needed adjustments through variations in exposure and chemistry.

Buy this book. You’ll not be disappointed.

 by Giuseppe Zanotti-Fregonara
a gem to treasure
City & Country: Milano, Italy

The extreme elegance of Tim's Photography, together with the beauty he caught in Iceland's nature, is truly what Photography can do at its best: to put deeply in touch with the sense of mystery that comes to us from Nature. This is a wonderful book to treasure and to meditate upon.

 by Herbert Swick
A book to return to time and time again
City & Country: Missoula MT, USA

Tim Rudman's skills as a keen observer, a deliberate photographer and a superb printer are all evident in this beautiful and well-produced book. The limited text is carefully chosen to enhance the photographs, which reveal Rudman's mastery of darkroom printing. This book is at once evocative and provocative, revealing a deep understanding not only about Iceland but also about the art of photography.

 by Andre du Plessis
Iceland: An Uneasy Calm
City & Country: London, UK

What a pleasure to read and see this latest book by Tim Rudman- someone who shared his knowledge in B&W printing with me many years ago through his books on that subject. From the first to the last image the tenderness that he takes in the capturing and the making of each scene is tangible. Wonderful low-key feelings and slow compositions so brilliantly illustrated by this master of the darkroom. All complimented by the written sections that complete the circle. Indeed highly recommended for all photographers, regardless of genre.

 by Ayral Philippe
City & Country: Gaillard, France

Très beau livre. Beau travail photographique magnifiquement imprimé.

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